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Posted on Sep 17, 2017

Florida’s property insurance regulations have changed dramatically since hurricane Charlie. Back in those days the policies’ were like Obamacare; the state mandated policies and the premiums were a minimum of $2,500, up to unbelievable amounts. After Charlie, many of the insurance companies threatened to leave, and some did. It appears, to protect their jobs, the state flexed, by letting the companies design policies that customers wanted. The world changed. The state also built back up reserves of billions of dollars, over the years, to protect state sponsored insurance products.

When the rules changed, I sat with my insurance agent and she walked me through each option. I selected an option where I took the first 5% of risk, deleted insuring furniture, because it is depreciated based on age, and mine is old. My premiums dropped from over $2,500 including flood insurance to $1,300  a year.

Three years ago we build a house in Englewood. It is in a “Wind Zone.” My agent suggested we split my policies into wind and property policies. The state provided wind coverage and my insurance carrier continued the property insurance part of the policy. My annual premiums now total $376 a year, and I’m no longer in a flood zone.

The “Wind Zone” is near Venice, where there have been no Hurricanes for a long time. Further up the coast, Tampa has not been hit by a hurricane for more than 90 years. Could it be the Wind Zone that turned Irma to the east?  We were watching the Weather Channel cover the turn and it was amazing.

This is the 14th home we have built or purchased. If we buy or build anymore homes in Florida, it will also be in a “Wind Zone.”






Posted on Sep 1, 2017

In June we published a new book titled, Obesity Blockers. It is our eighth self-published book and is in ebook and soft cover formats. It is about my eighteen years of fighting obesity and keeping off an average of 44 pounds, and living a much healthier life.  Today I’m down 49 pounds, so the battle goes on, and God is always good when we put our lives in His hands, stay open to other peoples ideas, and try our best.

The process of self-publishing was different this time. With prior self-publishers we completed multiple forms and down loaded our books directly from word documents. They charged us an average of $2,700 to publish each book and did excellent work. If we had to make any changes after the book was formatted we paid $100 for every 25 words. They took an average of one to two months to finalize everything on each book.

Publishing Obesity blockers with was very different. I downloaded the same book into each of their files and within minutes the books were published at no charge. Saving $2,700 was unbelievable. I reviewed the pages they provided, as a sample read at Amazon’s Obesity Blockers location and realized there was much more I needed to learn. The book formats and exhibits were not pretty. The great news was we could make corrections and then just download an updated book at no charge. A month later, after learning more about their process, the book formats looked much better and I’m still working on the covers.

In summary, we are delighted with Amazon’s self-publishing. It provides us an opportunity to continue publishing, even though we are retired and living on much less income. We encourage others to give them a try, and be ready to flex to their process.

God bless,

Dave & Lorraine Plante




Posted on Jun 24, 2017

Eighteen years ago, on March 16,1998 I tipped the scales at 262, which was not my max weight, and I was not healthy. I could not play golf, tennis or walk very far. I had tried all of the advertised weight loss programs and they didn’t work for me. They did not keep my weight off, over the long term and did not make me stronger or healthier.  Then, I had a dream. I was retired and healthy. I had no pot belly and I could do whatever I wanted to do. I woke up convinced this was God’s plan for me, but had no idea how He would make it happen.

I began collecting information on everything I consumed each day. I visited two doctors searching for solutions to my health problems and they encouraged me to continue my new program. For 18 years I have kept off 44 pounds and take no daily meds. My basic life signs are excellent and I have no physical limitations. God’s plan for me worked, and continues to keep me healthy.

The story is now available in our eighth book titled “Obesity Blockers’ and is available on books, in electric book form, for $2.99. God never walks away or disappoints His children.