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Posted on Jun 24, 2017

Eighteen years ago, on March 16,1998 I tipped the scales at 262, which was not my max weight, and I was not healthy. I could not play golf, tennis or walk very far. I had tried all of the advertised weight loss programs and they didn’t work for me. They did not keep my weight off, over the long term and did not make me stronger or healthier.  Then, I had a dream. I was retired and healthy. I had no pot belly and I could do whatever I wanted to do. I woke up convinced this was God’s plan for me, but had no idea how He would make it happen.

I began collecting information on everything I consumed each day. I visited two doctors searching for solutions to my health problems and they encouraged me to continue my new program. For 18 years I have kept off 44 pounds and take no daily meds. My basic life signs are excellent and I have no physical limitations. God’s plan for me worked, and continues to keep me healthy.

The story is now available in our eighth book titled “Obesity Blockers’ and is available on books, in electric book form, for $2.99. God never walks away or disappoints His children.



Posted on Jun 16, 2017

In 1861 shortly after Lincoln was elected the southern states including Texas left the Union. Imagine how he felt as President. His challenges were enormous. His leadership lifted America out of the darkness of perpetual slavery. 640,000 to 700,000 people died in the fight, but America won. America became God’s shining light again, to the world.

President Lincoln is a wonderful role model for new presidents. He is a wonderful role model for every American. He did the right thing for the poor as well as the rich, he took the moral high road. His leadership was not about money or power, it was about doing the right thing. It amazes many that he was a Republican, but not me.

Today, Trump is challenged by similar tests. He has taken the high road and put Americans first. Doing what is right for America, is setting the left wing leadership afire. They were and are the Devil’s minions and will have to be destroyed again, politically and financially, as they were in Lincoln’s lifetime. God is the key to success in His gift, America. Tens of millions of us will continue to pray daily for America and its safety and leadership. He has promised to never walk away from His children and that truly comforts me, and lets no one steal my joy.

Posted on Apr 17, 2017

The internet is a better news media than television, it appears. I see news events on the internet before they appears on the TV channels. I guess it takes time for them to filter it or create fake news to support their political positions regarding whatever the new, news is.

The leftwing media channels are preoccupied with sharing the protests around the country. They don’t want to focus on the criminal illegals that have been arrested since Trump has become President. They have no interest in the confidence we all feel in Trump’s military actions and how they have brought more than 60 countries around the world back to respecting our leadership.

If you remember the polls just prior to the election, had Hillary in the lead and that Trump had no way to the Presidency. I remember it clearly. I also remember how every poll was wrong, but one.  Today we see new polls showing Trump’s rating at 40%. I figure they sampled the same people they sampled just before the election or they sampled Putin’s loyal subjects. I didn’t get a call and neither did any of my friends or relatives and we know why. We all voted for Trump and would vote again, today or any day for Trump.

This is a wonderful country again and everyday Donald and his team are working hard to rebuild our safety, economy and new job market. Polls are what they are, opinions of selected people for political purposes.

Have a great week and let no one steal your joy, especially the lying pollsters!

David E. Plante  at